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Referee Resources

Interested in Becoming a Referee?

There are many people who make the decision to become a Soccer Referee.  Being a referee is both challenging and rewarding.  Many become referees because of their love of the game, the chance to be positive role models, to develop leadership skills, to make life-long friends, or to have a part-time job (Referees are Independent Contractors).  Refereeing is a commitment to the game, to other officials, and to yourself.  Consider becoming a referee.  As the number of leagues, tournaments, and games continues to grow, there are always opportunities.

Click here for a listing of Soccer Referee Courses in Kansas.

Referee Training

Please visit for more information. 

Referees must be at least 12 years old to participate in the course and there are registration fees involved.

Ray Chao

Referee Coordinator

SKV Payroll Forms for All Referees

For those paid coaches, trainers and referees, we need to have an updated W9 Form on file for you each year as well as a current Direct Deposit Form.

This ensures that you will be paid on a timely basis and that we have your most current mailing information.

Trainers and Referees Payroll Summary

Work Period Pay Date
December 25th - January 9th January 15th
January 10th - January 24th February 1st
January 25th - February 9th February 15th
February 10th - February 24th March 1st
February 25th - March 9th March 15th
March 10th - March 24th April 1st
March 25th - April 9th April 15th
April 10th - April 24th May 1st
April 25th - May 9th May 15th
May 10th - May 24th June 1st
May 25th - June 9th June 15th
June 10th - June 24th July 1st
Jun 25th - Jul 9th July 15th
July 10th - July 24th August 1st
July 25th - August 9th August 15th
August 10th - August 24th September 1st
August 25th - September 9th September 15th
September 10th - September 24th October 1st
September 25th - October 9th October 15th
October 10th - October 24th November 1st
October 25th - November 9th November 15th
November 10th - November 24th December 1st
November 25th - December 9th December 15th
December 10th - December 24th January 1st

Please mail all forms to:
Sporting Kaw Valley
Attn: Payroll
3120 Mesa Way Suite C
Lawrence, KS 66049